Zdravko Joksimović’s solo exhibition Art Therapy

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We are pleased to invite you to attend the opening of Zdravko Joksimović’s solo exhibition Art Therapy, on Thursday, 16th Nov, at 7 pm, in the Lucida gallery, 11 Čika Ljubina Street, 1st floor, Belgrade.

Within the exhibition “Art Therapy” in the Lucida Gallery, Zdravko Joksimović presents a selection of his new and already existing artworks in a new, but for his work characteristic, ironic and poetic context. The exhibition title tells us that art is a cure, but also that we all need a strong art therapy, to initiate the process of our healing. The idea that art can be understood as a cure derives from Joksimović’s work Art Therapyfrom 2014, which, according to the author, presents a mild irony on the parallel structured Irvine Jalom’s book The Schopenhauer Cure; in this eponymous exhibition, this idea, as well as the humour always present in the titles of his artwork, represent a common denominator for all works.

A childish questioning, curiosity and the ability to identify and reveal a part of the visual identity of something completely different in the appearance of an object, lead this artist to the ultimate reaches of art. His perfectionist mind does not give him peace until the new composition becomes utterly self-sufficient, to the perfection of a pictorially shaped visual entity and until its irony finds the right balance between being too obvious and insufficiently clear.