The opening of Radoslav Tadić’s solo exhibition “Oblivio”

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Radoslav Tadić’s solo exhibition “Oblivio” was open on Friday, 10th February at 19h, in the Lucida gallery, street Čika Ljubina 11, Belgrade.

Radoslav Tadic graduated from the art department of the Banja Luka Academy of Art in  Professor Radomir Knežević’s  class and is currently a PhD student in the class of the same professor.

The exhibition titled Oblivio (Oblivion) is constituted of about thirty works of art – drawings and sculptures; sculptures represent the result of artistic interventions in the found objects (books), while the drawings followed later, as a new vision of the artist’s response to its previously completed works.

The exhibition carrier is the transformed book. The term “book” should primarily associate us to the piety of knowledge, learning, the secret hidden in the still unread reading material; however, due to unsuitable education system which has not kept pace with the times, if you ask students, you may get an answer that a book associate them with boredom, needless harassment and a waste of time. The artist himself says that he enjoyed the fact that he could, without any remorse, “ruthlessly slash and reshape books” in the way he wanted.

For Radoslav Tadic, the book is a starting point; it is not plain ready-made object because its shape is significantly altered through the artistic transformation, although its primary form remains recognisable. His playing with the associative transformation of books, as with “forbidden fruit”, produced a series of original sculptures of intense colours and witty titles, which certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

Discarded books represent a document of our time; they illustrate in the best manner today’s consumer society as one of the key features of liberal capitalism, in which memory gives way to the apparent availability of the Internet, and knowledge to the mega production of unnecessary, superficial information, which we are exposed to on the daily basis.

Radoslav Tadic presents before us a historical course of development from the image to the word (book) and then again to the visual representation (his sculptures). He creates an informal archive of objects that were found but then redesigned, real or fictional, public but also personal. He collects, compares, combines and appropriates them, creating forms that only occasionally have something in common with their original purpose.

Through the artistic process of archiving books as the artefacts, Radoslav Tadic creates his imaginary library that tells us about the artist’s relationship with the past, material and spiritual culture, personal and collective memory; he creates a personal microcosm that he exhibited before us, here and today.

Ivona Fregl