The Opening of Igor Antić’s Solo Exhibition – Corner Sofas

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We are pleased to invite you to attend the opening of Igor Antić’s solo exhibition Corner Sofas on Monday, 6th March, at 7 pm, in the Lucida gallery, 11 Čika Ljubina Street, 1st floor, Belgrade.

“A wardrobe is usually placed in the corner of the room to avoid fencing or blocking the passage of light” – wrote the artist in one of his notes at the end of his studies. This statement was disclosed in connection with the fact that a work of art loses its autonomy once it leaves the studio, but today, in relation to the current Igor Antić’s exhibition, may be comprehended in different ways. Is art itself now pushed into the background, cornered, placed somewhere “not to bother,” not to intrude on “real life”, neglected and forgotten, left to exist only per se, as the existence of those who are still in need of it has been systematically ignored? Does art have the same treatment as furniture and, if so, what is the value of a work of art nowadays? Can we even talk about the artistic value or is the material value the only value that remains?

Should the art of today, as a corner sofa, be something “comfortable” or if it is “uncomfortable”, should it be discarded or replaced?

The latest Igor Antić’s artwork in Lucida gallery initiates these and many other questions.

The exhibition runs until 20th March 2017.