The group exhibition A Segment of Contemporary Visual Art Scene

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The group exhibition A Segment of Contemporary Visual Art Scene apropos the Lucida Gallery’s Open Call for the solo exhibitions in 2017, will be open this Saturday, 10th December at 7 pm.


How does a gallery set up its annual exhibiting programme? Usually, Gallery announces an open call for which some artists send their applications and then the gallery Art Council, following the number of available dates, selects the artists whose artworks (or art projects) will constitute the gallery exhibiting programme for the next year. However, always after an open call ends, several questions are imposed: How and by what criteria does the Art Council select artworks? – and, – Who were the other artists who have applied? – And – Why they did or did not “pass”? The most interesting question is – who were the other artists who have sent their applications, since we, as the visitors to galleries and exhibitions, almost never have access to this information, we never know what all the options before gallery Art Councils were. Most often, the gallery only publishes the list of authors and their projects that have passed the open call. And that is the end.

But not for the Lucida gallery.


Aleksandar Pantic
Ana Cerovic
Ana Cvejic
Ana Ivic
Bojan Novakovic
Dragana Grujicic
Davud Turkovic
Edvina Romanovic Hudeckova
Emilija Teofilovic
Irena Palecek – Radmanovic
Jelena Damnjanovic
Jelena Simic Popovic
Jovana Sarac
Kristina Pirkovic
Marina Milev
Masa Djuricic Dzudzevic
Milan Kulic
Milena Andric
Milena Apostolovic
Slavica Ilic
Snezana Crnoglavac