Tatjana Milutinović Vondraček’s solo exhibition “Breathe Deeply”

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We are pleased to invite you to attend the opening of Tatjana Milutinović Vondraček’s solo exhibition Breathe Deeply, on Frinday, 1st Dec, at 7 pm, in the Lucida gallery, 11 Čika Ljubina Street, 1st floor, Belgrade.
Within her exhibition Breathe deeply in the Lucida gallery, Tatjana Milutinović Vondraček displays a selection of her artworks from the period 2012 – 17.

Tatjana’s artwork is influenced by the concept of different use of materials. The artist creates the symbiotic combinations of materials that complement each other with their differences and make each other to stand out. Their layering and sophisticated incorporation into a whole reveal the artist’s unique, distinctive sensibility, love and respect for the materials. The artist says that every material she uses in her artwork has to satisfy her refined sense of texture.

The hand appears as a symbol of human or celestial being, speech, meaning. Since prehistoric period up to date, hands have symbolically represented cultural values and social beliefs in all communities. In art, hands can denote a symbolic representation of the person himself, his character and intents. Hands can be used as tools, but also as weapons; hands defend and attack; they create and destroy. Hand gestures emphasise, or even replace, the meaning of spoken words.Hands can speak and, besides the face, they represent the only part of human body that clearly expresses ideas and feelings – hands point, command, scream in agony, break in helplessness, or lie calmly in the lap; they have their own character and beauty. In Tatjana’s artwork, the hands’ poses replicate the hand speech of Christ and angels. Tatjana Milutinović Vondraček also emphasises the hand rhetoric by the flow of golden beams that flows from these hands. All of Tatjana’s hands have incredibly positive connotations – they provide, protect, radiate, they are righteous and beautiful in their existence. They deserve to be honoured.

Although every detail reflects a possible deep symbolic meaning, the essence of Tatjana Milutinović Vondraček’s artistic poetics is not symbolic, but emotional. She uses symbols only as reflections in a blurred mirror; they indicate the possible presence of certain aspects of the work, but do not define it. What determines the artwork is a new, specific spirituality arising from gratitude for the talent which allows the artist to isolate herself, to calm and to create. And that is the highest joy of one’s existence.