Ljubomir Vučinić’s solo exhibition – Jazz Baroque

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We are pleased to invite you to attend the opening of Ljubomir Vučinić’s solo exhibition “Jazz Baroque”, on Thursday, 1st Jun, at 7 pm, in the Lucida gallery, 11 Čika Ljubina Street, 1st floor, Belgrade.

Ljubomir Vučinić’s artworks, displayed at the exhibition Jazz Baroque, reflect his attitude towards Jazz music and his belief that fine art, as well as music, is created from the depths of artist’s inner being and the purest way to express that is by nonfigurative forms. Vučinić’s paintings do not evoke a sound or a melody; they reach out to the visual form based on the principles of abstraction derived from music, in order to achieve unique artwork within the limits of painting as the primary medium. Ljubomir Vučinić “retakes” space from 3D to 2D, searching for the purity of Jazz atmosphere expression through an authentic artistic expression. As a visual syntax, colours grouped in his paintings oscillate together, creating visual chords and harmonies. Vučinić works are not the mere illustrations, but the metaphor of Jazz music, quest for freedom and enlightenment. Through the metaphorical use of colour and depiction of transformative forms, the artist seeks to release his spirit and his art.

In Ljubomir Vučinić’s paintings, one can recognise Aram Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance, or Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack, while someone else will hear Rammstein. In any case, one thing is certain – it will be charged with energy and filled with emotions.

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