Elesabetta Bacci’s solo exhibition The Existential Color Perception

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We are pleased to invite you to attend the opening of Elisabetta Bacci’s solo exhibition The Existential Color Perception, on Saturday, 21st Oct, at 7 pm, in the Lucida gallery, 11 Čika Ljubina Street, 1st floor, Belgrade.

For years, Elisabetta Bacci has been investigating the innate expressive value of color by interpreting painting as a ritual and meditative action crossing the boundaries of the canvas to offer itself as an intimate and immersive experience. In line with the approach of her international predecessors, the artist from Trieste considers color as an independent language with its own balances and rules emerging in the liberating reiteration and variation of a gestural and conceptual protocol characterized by strict sobriety.

The constant osmosis between an inner reality aspiring to the absolute and a form embodying a mutable imprint of phenomenal reality is perhaps the most peculiar expressive style of Bacci’s poetics and the root of the projective effectiveness of her paintings.

Crossing the imperturbable abscissa of the original myth and the eternal flow with a vertical present time that supposes a precise existential placement, the artist claims her active presence in the mysterious development of her work and makes those looking aware of their intellectual inner agony. Therefore the essence of painting lies for Bacci in the constant questioning of a visual problem within which something indeterminate and unfinished always remains, raising the renewal of questions without claiming to come to a definitive solution. The fundamental partiality of the conceptual and representative outcomes experimented from time to time is for her similar to a philosophical research on the impossibility to complete her artwork that in the process of becoming and condensing in painting demands an insuppressible vocation to freedom and transgression. By extending the limits of vision to the indefinable elsewhere of a metaphysical window, the pictorial space is projected outside the canvas where it becomes the focus of a real experience in which author, spectator, and painting freed from the constraints of its support, find themselves in a unique here and now.

(from Emanuela Zanon’s text in the exhibition’s catalog)

Elisabetta Bacci was born in Trieste and has lived in Venice, London, New York and Genoa. She studied visual arts at the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti in Genoa and history of art at the Università degli Studi di Trieste. Her works have been exhibited in Italy and abroad.